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Stability, partnership, reliability

Whether logistics, value-creating architecture or medical technology: The development and creation of modern and healthy living and working environments with respect for people and nature drive us. As a second-generation group of companies, we see it as our task to plan and design not just for next year, but for technical and social life cycles.

To achieve substantial advancements, it's essential to think beyond conventional methods now more than ever. This requires knowledge and experience. We bring both to the table.

Our long-standing team is not only united by their joint work, but also by an appreciative cooperation. Together with a broad and long-standing network of partners, we develop projects for our customers with a view far into the future. With great responsibility and attention to detail, we fight together for the best solutions. Creative solutions must reflect the furthest conceivable future.

Through transparency, creativity, proactive and open collaboration, we create more than just space. From the very beginning, with the utmost care and precision, we work with you to place your goals and resources at our creative center, and from there develop your project of the future. Joint success is our goal. That is what Hofmeister stands for.

"To achieve substantial advancements, it's essential to think beyond conventional methods now more than ever."

Our mission statement

We are delving deep into the matter.

One for all

We work together with experts from all fields - from architects to logisticians to physicians. We don't just plan, we actively help develop. In doing so, we take you and your employees back to the basics - to the causes of the project, the needs and goals of your company, and the available human and financial resources. Only when all parties involved agree on what the actual project goal is, do our classic services come into play with pinpoint accuracy: property search, needs analysis and support with financing and subsidies, planning, official procedures, construction, relocation, etc.

About us

Our strengths


Broad know-how due to our interdisciplinary approach.


Speed of response through our internal and external networking and the associated synergies.


Security thanks to our experience - through it we know how to deal with possible risks and keep them low.


Holistic approach so that you can concentrate on your actual tasks.


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Core team has been in operation for 25 years

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