Construction Progress in Kremsmünster

Progress of the Kremsmünster Project: Milestone Achieved in Autumn 2023

In Autumn 2023, the first construction phase of the new housing project in Kremsmünster was successfully completed. This significant milestone marks the beginning of a promising development.

The public infrastructure, including the new access road "Aspergmairstraße," the pipeline construction, and the sidewalk, was also successfully completed in Autumn 2023 and handed over to the municipality.

This project demonstrates how careful planning and execution can achieve significant progress in regional residential development. The successful implementation of the various construction phases and the positive response from buyers and tenants highlight the high quality and attractiveness of this housing project.

Phase 1: Semi-Detached Houses Nearly Sold Out

The first lot, consisting of eight semi-detached units, has proven to be very popular. Seven of the eight units have already been successfully sold and handed over to their new owners. This underscores the strong interest and confidence buyers have in this high-quality housing project.

Phase 2: Rental Opportunities Upon Completion

The construction of the second phase is about to begin. Once completed, these units will be available for rent.

Single-Family Home Lots: Sales Successes and Remaining Opportunities

Several lots designated for single-family homes have already been successfully sold. The remaining lots continue to offer an attractive opportunity for interested buyers to realize their dream of owning a home.


Photos of Phase 1

Photos from the Construction Period