Completion of Medical Center Detmold

Opening of Campus 9: New Center for Specialist Clinics and Conferences at University Hospital Detmold

After four years of intensive planning and construction, the ambitious project "Campus 9" has been successfully completed and handed over to the first tenants. The new building complex, located on the grounds of University Hospital Detmold, houses a variety of specialized clinics and a modern conference center.




A Center for Modern Medicine and Research

Campus 9 unites a wide range of medical departments and offers comprehensive care under one roof. The facilities include:

  • A state-of-the-art nuclear medicine department, equipped with the latest diagnostic and treatment technologies.
  • Oncology treatment and therapy rooms that provide patients with specialized care in a comfortable environment.
  • An ophthalmology department with treatment rooms and four advanced operating theaters designed for various eye surgeries.
  • A jaw surgery department with multiple operating rooms capable of performing complex surgical procedures.
  • A comprehensive therapy department offering various therapeutic services.

Lecture Halls and Conference Center

In addition to medical facilities, Campus 9 also features lecture halls and a conference center affiliated with University Hospital Detmold. These spaces are specifically designed for training, continuing education, and scientific conferences, promoting the exchange of knowledge among professionals from different disciplines.

Patient Care and Administration

To ensure efficient and patient-centered care, the campus also includes areas for patient treatment and administration. This allows for seamless integration of medical care and administrative services.

Technical Data of Campus 9

Campus 9 spans a site area of 5,139 square meters. The total usable floor space of the building is an impressive 14,664 square meters, with 6,322 square meters designated as net floor area. A spacious parking garage covering 8,342 square meters provides ample parking for patients and staff. The seven-story building features modern and functional architecture that meets the latest standards.

A Milestone for the Region

The completion of Campus 9 marks a significant milestone for medical care and research in the Detmold region. With its comprehensive facilities and versatile usage options, Campus 9 not only meets the medical needs of the population but also contributes to the advancement of medical research and education.

Grand Opening

For the grand opening of Campus 9, representatives from the university hospital, local politicians, and the first tenants gathered. In their speeches, they emphasized the importance of the new center for the region and the future opportunities it offers. Guests had the chance to tour the modern facilities and witness the high quality and functionality of the building.

With Campus 9, University Hospital Detmold sets a new standard in medical care and creates a platform for innovative research and interdisciplinary collaboration.